Pagibig Fund Electronic Submission of Remittance Schedule (eSRS)

Published on  9/11/19  10:52 PM

Step 1: Visit the site:

Step 2: Click the photo above Electronic Submission of Remittance Schedule (eSRS)

Step 3: Log in to your account 

Step 4: Click Payment Instruction

Step 5: Click "Create New"

Step 6: In the Choose Payment Type, Click Members Saving. 

Step 7: Change the Period Covered

Note: For Employers, payment for the ESRS is one month after the period month covered

  • Period Covered: August 2019 
  • Payment will be: September 2019 

Step 8: Click Submit Payment Instruction 

Step 9: Click Confirm 

Step 10: Click Download Payment Instruction 

Step 11: Print the Payment Instruction Form 

Step 12: Pay your corresponding fees.

Genesis A. Mercado M.D. 
is a biologist and a licensed medical doctor
trained in Internal Medicine

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