About Genesis Mercado M.D.

Genesis Mercado M.D. 

Genesis Mercado M.D. is a licensed medical doctor from the Philippines who specializes in the field of Internal Medicine or Adult Medicine. 

He was a graduate of San Beda University for his gradeschool and medical school, Manila Science High School for secondary school and University of the Philippines Manila (B.S. Biology) for tertiary school.

He was a 4 year scholar of the City of Manila while he was on his secondary education. He was college scholar.   

He finished his medical education from San Beda University, College of Medicine 

He completed his 3 year Internal Medicine Residency from Manila Doctors Hospital.

He was an Internal Medicine Clinical Extern at Associates of Primary Care, Chicago, Illinois USA. 

He was the previous president of BIOMAS - a biology organization in the University of the Philippines Manila; president of UMYF, St Mark UMC and head of External Affairs, Internal Medicine Department- Manila Doctors Hospital. 

During medical school,  he established a free college entrance review class for public high school students who could not afford to pay high cost college entrance review class. He taught Physics, Algebra, Trigonometry, Biology, Chemistry and Calculus to his students for free. 

Aside from medicine, Dr Genesis also dreams to become a lawyer. He prepared for his Philippine Law School Admission Test, a required national examination prior entry to law school, while he was the assigned senior Internal Medicine resident doctor for the patients who underwent open heart surgery, angioplasty, and heart attack patients in the Coronary Care Unit of the hospital. He studied his Internal Medicine book along with this Law Exam Review Books. He passed the Philippine Law School Admission Test on his first try. 

Though law school is his "adulthood dream", he chose to focus on his medical career.... for now. 

He plays the piano, guitar and wooden beatbox (Cajon). He loves to paint with oil as his medium. 

He is an avid collector of watches, camera, starbucks card, NBA cards and postage stamp. 

He loves to travel. 

He has 2 shih-tzu and 1 siberian husky. 

He is the chief executive officer and owner of his own medical clinic G.A. Mercado Medical Clinic, a medical center with pharmacy, located at 914/918 Matimyas St corner Alindada Sampaloc Manila. 

Genesis Mercado M.D. with his girlfriend, Maria Cristeta Perez M.D. 

Photo with Oreo - Doc Gen's Siberian husky  

Doctor Gen's parents 

Times Square, New York City, USA
with family 

Genesis Mercado M.D. is also a Digital Marketing and E-commerce specialist.  

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