How to Create the Monthly Online SSS Electronic Contribution Collection List Summary (For Employers)

Published on  9/11/19  4:21 PM


Employers are required to pay the SSS contribution of their employees on or before the due date. 

Section 22 (a) of RA 1161 as amended by RA 8282: Penalty of 3% per month for delay payments. 

Step 1
  •  Go to SSS website:
  • Click the Employer log in 

Step 2: Enter your user id and Password. Click Submit.

Step 3: Click Payment Reference Number 

Step 3: Double check the Employee's Detail. Click the number on the "No. of Details" 

Step 4: Employee Detail table will show the Employee and Employer Share. 

Step 5: Click Payment Reference Number

Step 6: Click Download 

Step 7: Click Download and Email 

Step 8: Print the 2 copies of the Collection !!!

Note: For Employers, payment for the Electronic Contribution Collection List is one month after the collection month

  • Collection List Summary for August 2019 
  • Due Date: September 2019 

Step 9: Click LOGOUT 

Step 10: Pay the corresponding fees. 

Genesis A. Mercado M.D. 
is a biologist and a licensed medical doctor
trained in Internal Medicine 

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