Pain is Temporary, M.D. after your name is forever!

Published on: 6/11/18 12:27 PM

This post is 5 years late. 
I am Genesis A. Mercado M.D., BS Biology graduate from UP Manila, graduate of San Beda College of Medicine and a graduate of Internal Medicine Residency, Manila Doctors batch 2018. 
I wrote this essay right after our medicine graduation last 2013. 
I hope to inspire those medical students who are thinking of quitting their dream of becoming a doctor. 
I am an average medical student. I had my own ups and down during medical school but I did not quit. I let my dream become reality.
Pain is Temporary, M.D. after you name is forever!

Me with my parents - Jesus and Flordeliza Mercado

Me with Uncle Greg Abad 

8th Investiture of Doctoral Hoods of Medicine

Do not let go of what you desire. Pain is temporary, Honor and Pride is forever. 

“Row, row, row your boat..... Gently down the stream ...Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily... Life is but a dream."

We are all dreamers. We all dream big. However, as we go along with our life, we see reality. We see that our dreams are bound by different factors – money, experience, talent, intelligence and courage to stay up with the dream. We compare ourselves with our dreams. Dream then begins to stay as a dream. We do not let our dreams become reality. 

“We let go of what we really desire” 

Though medical degree is just an iceberg of what my dream is, I am climbing my mountain one step a time. 

Medical school is a harsh environment. You would not want your child to be there. I swear. Only crazy parents would do it and I admire my parents, they are as crazy as I am. :)

The sleepless nights, gallons of coffee, palpitations in front of the panel, tears shed before-during-and after exams--- also tears weeks or months after the result of the exam; several special occasion missed because of long exams or duty; times where instead of caring for my own family – I am caring for my patients ....... sacrifices that I have made during medical school WILL NOT surpass the sacrifices made FOR me by family specially my parents.

My dream became my family’s dream for me. They climbed with me step by step. I am forever thankful.

My family is my inspiration. They never ask me “can you do it?”, rather they tell me “you can do it.” My family became the reason why my dream became a reality.

The commencement exercise gave the two letters – M.D. – at the end of my name - the two letters that I desire since I was a child. 

The two letters M.D. – that I would like to offer to my Mommy and Daddy.

Tears, fear and joy that I experienced in medical school will now be part of my past. Hello Future! :) 

To Lord God, thank you very much!

Congratulations to San Beda Batch 2013! Serve the people!

Pain is temporary, Honor and Pride is forever. :)

That in all things, God May be glorified!

Genesis Abad Mercado, M.D.
San Beda College of Medicine

Me with future Engr Perez and Dr Perez

Dr Gajitos, Dr Gatmaitan, Me, Dr Cuison- De Vera

Dr Ilagan, Me, Dr Gajitos 

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Genesis A. Mercado M.D. 
is a biologist and a licensed medical doctor
trained in Internal Medicine

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