An Ode for the Blue Rose

Published on: June 13, 2018   10:40 AM

In a magical place where I could never be 
Stands a rose that I could only see  

Although she bloom with thousand beautiful rosette 
She will, and will always be, the most valuable rose to me  

Tied for half a decade or so 
Still, I cannot stop myself looking on the beauty that glows  

Beauty that emanates from within 
She captured my soul, my life, my existence as a whole  

Oh, how lovely she is to me  
I know she could be mine  

But only in my dreams ...       

Poem and Oil on Canvas by
Genesis Mercado M.D. 
April 21, 2013

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Genesis A. Mercado M.D. 
is a biologist and a licensed medical doctor
trained in Internal Medicine

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