What is Heatstroke?

Published on  5/26/19  8:54 AM

A. Heat Index 
  • Human discomfort index 
  • it is the index that measures what human feel when exposed to a certain temperature range 

Currently, the highest Heat index recorded was last April 19, 2019 at Dagupan Pangasinan with the Heat index of 51.7

B.  Heat Related Illnesses
  • Minor Heat Emergency Syndromes 
      1. Heat Edema 
      2. Prickly Heat 
      3. Heat Syncope 
      4. Hyperventilation tetany

  • Heat Cramps
  • Heat Exhaustion 
  • Heat Stroke 

C. Heatstroke 
  • The clinical manifestation of heatstroke is due to the total loss of thermoregulatory function 
  • Anterior Hypothalamus 
      • Maintains body temperature at approximately 37 °C 
      • Thermoregulation

  • Typical Vital sign abnormalities 
      1. Increase Respiratory Rate 
      2. Increase Heart Rate
      3. Decrease Blood Pressure 
      4. Widened Pulse Pressure 

  • No single specific diagnostic test

D. Initial Diagnosis of Heat Stroke 

    1. Exposure to heat stress 
    2. Central Nervous System Dysfunction 
    3. Core temperature > 40.5°C

E. Premonitory Clinical Characteristics 

  1. Weakness
  2. Dizziness
  3. Disorientation 
  4. Ataxia 
  5. Gastrointestinal Symptoms 
  6. Psychiatric Symptoms 

A. Classic (Epidemic) Heatstroke

  • usually during summer heat wakes 
  • in patients with chronic diseases that may predispose to heat related illness 
  • limited access to oral fluids 
  • in patients with prescribed medications that can impair tolerance to a heat stress 

B. Exertional Heatstroke 

  • young and previously healthy 
  • athletes, laborers, military recruits 
  • present profusely diaphoretic despite significant dehydration 

C. Prevention of Classic and Exertional Heatstroke

  1. Use airconditioner/ electric fan 
  2. Limit outdoor activities during daytime 
  3. Consume ample fluids 
  4. Wear loose-fitting light colored clothing 
  5. Be aware of medication side effects that may cause fluid loss, decrease sweating or decrease heart rate 
  6. Never leave impaired adults or children in a car unattended 

Youtube Video Link 

YOUTUBE VIDEO Click - Totoo ba ang Heatstroke?


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