Business Renewal Application Process

Published on  2/5/19  6:38 PM

Manila City Hall

A. Parking Space 

  • The most convenient parking space near Manila City Hall is SM City Manila Parking
    •  SM Manila Parking is open from 6:30 am onwards

    •  Parking Fee: 40 pesos flat rate (as of March 2019)

B. Requirements

Requirements for Renewal of Business Permit

 1. Filled-up application form
 2. Original Barangay Clearance
 3. Photocopy of previous business permit and official receipt
 4. Public Liability Insurance, if applicable
 5. Others (based on national and local laws, policies and regulations) 

 Requirements as posted at the Manila City Hall

Requirements for Temporary Business Permit
1. Original and Photocopy of Business Receipt 
2. Approved application form 
3. All other attachments including original Barangay Clearance 
  Requirements as posted at the Manila City Hall

Requirements for Original Business Permit
1. Original receipt 
2. Temporary Permit 
3. SPA for partnership or corporations/ Authorization for Single proprietorship with photocopy of ID's of owner and/or authorized representative 
Requirements as posted at the Manila City Hall

C. Steps 

1. Fill up the Application Form 
2. Go to the Insurance Section
- Pass the Form
- Pay the Necessary payment 

3. Go to "Receiving Application" Section (at the Garden)
- Pass your documents  
- Employee will assess your forms 
- wait your name to be called at the Releasing of Application for SOA 

4. Go to the Releasing of Application for SOA (at the Garden) to receive your documents

5. Go to the License Division for SOA 
- pass your documents 
- wait for your name to be called 
- employee will then give your SOA 

6. Proceed to the Cedula Section for Payment of Community Tax Certificate (CTC) at the Hallway 

7. Photocopy the Cedula and SOA (2 copies)

8. Proceed to the Fire Safety Inspection Department for Payment 

9. Pay the necessary payment 
- get your official receipt 

10. Proceed to the Taxpayer's Lounge for Business Tax payment 

11. Photocopy the Official receipt and Fire receipt 

12. Pass the documents to the Receiving area for Temporary Permit

Genesis A. Mercado M.D. 
is a biologist and a licensed medical doctor
trained in Internal Medicine 

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